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Step Up For Valour-IT -- Especially as PayPal Won't

The Gun Blogger Rendezvous has long been a supporter of our troops, and most especially our wounded.  In particular, they have been and are big supporters of Project Valour-IT.  This year is no different, save that courtesy of the hard work of The Smallest Minority and Para USA there will be a pistol raffled; and, courtesy of the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, there is a four-day training session being raffled as well. 

All good things, right? 

Well, not according to the freedom loving folks at PayPal.  Because they hate, nay loathe, the thought of you exercising your rights as a citizen, in particular your rights under the Second Amendment to the Constitution. How dare you rabble dare think of yourselves as citizens, don't you know that you are mere serfs for your betters? 

What has this wolf's hackles up in regards the CSWs at PayPal? 

There's this from Chuck Ziegenfuss

There this from Kevin Baker at The Smallest Minority

There's this from Bill over at Castle Argghhh!

My thought:  I plan to buy a raffle ticket or three even.  I also hope that one and all will politely let PayPal know what you think of their actions.  If a new company starts up to compete with PayPal?  Well, let's just say that if they love freedom, liberty, and basic rights, they will sure get my business... 


UPDATE:  Looks like Blackfive and I pulled the trigger at about the same time.  Go read his post too

UPDATE II:  As Chuck notes in the update, this has turned into a bit of a PR mess for E-Bay/PayPal.  It won't hurt anything if they get a few thousand polite voicemails/calls to (408) 376-7458 saying that while we don't think they hate our wounded troops, it would be nice if they could confirm that...  My own thought is that a hefty donation to SA for f*****g them over during an unrelated fund drive to get Christmas to the troops would not be a bad idea on their part. 

Meantime, I've taken the PayPal link off my site and begun the steps to close down my account with them regardless of what they do, and am going to see if I still have an E-Bay account, and if so it will go away too.