Trading Terrorists for Corpses
Problems at Arlington?

Soldier Demands Apology from Congress

Here's an interesting concept:

That's a sense of "what government is for" that is almost entirely off the radar of the American people; and so far off Congress' radar that it might as well not exist as a concept. 

Still, he's fought for the Constitution, so he's certainly got a right to be heard on the subject of what he thinks it says.

For what it's worth, I agree that we should return to enumerated powers, and hard limits on government's authority over the citizenry.  I'd also like to see a repeal of existing unconstitutional delegations of legislative authority by Congress to the Executive branch -- all these billions of rules, many with the force of criminal law, that were created by executive agencies rather than by Congress.

That's just my opinion, though; and the video is his.  Congress' opinion is what counts, and they see it a bit differently than we do.  I don't expect to be receiving any apologies.