Khan Nechion Castle in the hands of our Marines
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One Year Anniversary- Battle of Wanat

One of the biggest pitched battles of the war in Afghanistan happened one year ago today. The Battle of Wanat happened at a vehicle patrol base that was attacked by approx. 200 Taliban and cost the lives of 9 soldiers of the 2nd of the 503rd, 173rd ABN along w/ 25 wounded. They killed scores of Talibs and contrary to some reports were never over run, but the cost was high. We have discussed the battle and those who fought it many times, here are some of those stories.

Honoring CPL Jonathan Ayers

"The guys that died there were my friends"

Six year old accepts Silver Star for his Dad

Wanat awards at Ft. Benning Airborne Walk

Thanking the kids who sent them socks

It is hard to look at this fight and call it a victory, but that is the truth, a hard-fought, painful, costly one for sure. These guys were only 10 days from going home and they got this after 15 months in that hell hole. I have read the AARs and many accounts of the battle and have heard the stories personally from about 10 folks who survived. Some have attempted to blame the command for establishing the outpost or for the time it took to negotiate the land deal. It was far from an ideal situation, but rarely are things ideal in war. What is certain is that the men of Chosen Company fought bravely and with honor for their brothers and their country. Godspeed to the fallen and Blue Skies to the survivors.

Tanker Babe spent the weekend in New Hampshire with some of these guys and has plenty of stories and pictures.