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Guantanamo commissions & closing

The task force working on closing Gitmo as well as what to do with the detainees has hit a wall of reality and delayed their report. It is quite obvious most Americans are vehemently opposed to bringing them here and no other nations seem to want them either. Welcome to the big leagues folks.

Elise Cooper for BLACKFIVE                                                                        22 July 2009

In the first week of his administration President Obama made a hasty decision to close Guantanamo Bay.  His decision was not based on fact.  Because many Americans do not support his decision and he has been greatly criticized, he decided to establish two commissions.  One commission will determine the fate of the terrorists at Guantanamo Bay and the other commission will determine what interrogation techniques should be used.  Of course, these commissions were established after the fact which is how the Obama Administration seems to be conducting national security.

It is very interesting that the commissions missed their deadline and needed more time to reach its conclusions.  President Obama must be finding out that it is a lot harder to make a de facto decision without knowing the facts and President Bush had good reasons for his policy toward the detainees.  Maybe, just possibly these detainees should be kept at Guantanamo Bay because they are dangerous and if released will continue to threaten America and will return to the field of battle against American forces. 

As Congressman Peter Hoekstra stated to, “the Gitmo policy is a shambles.”  He further noted that Congress has put forth an amendment that prohibits any money being spent to move the detainees from Guantanamo Bay to the United States.  He is hopeful that with more time, the task forces will come to the conclusion that Guantanamo should not be closed.

Former commander of the USS Cole, Kirk Lippold, explained to that the Obama Administration timed the release of the memos to coincide with the President’s health care speech.  He noted that “Americans are not focused on the detainees at all…the White House Communications Office really does a masterful job of finding larger issues(such as health care) in which to bury controversial ones such as Guantanamo Bay.”

The concluding statement in the released memo stated that "Justice cannot be done, however, unless those who are accused of crimes are proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law that affords them a full and fair opportunity to contest the charges against them.”  Robert Hemenway’s reaction summed up how a lot of family members who lost loved ones to terrorists feel:”you have to be kidding me. This is WAR! What about the ones killed? What kind of fair trial did they get?!!”