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Global Coalition for Korean War Reconciliation

Chris Ahn has been in contact with a woman running a group with a mission I think we all can support, remembering the sacrifices and those who served in the Korean War. It is worth remembering there has been no actual end to the war, we have an armistice which means the war still continues. Chris sent her some questions and here are her answers. Sounds like the Global Coalition for Korean War Reconciliation is doing good work to me.

  1. Your organization is called the "Global Coalition for Korean War Reconciliation", what groups make up this "Global Coalition".  Are there groups in other countries that the organization has associated itself with on a common mission statement? 
I say Global Coalition, because I wish to reach out to ALL countries that participated in the K-war. 26 countries were involved. Yes, there are group abroad that share the same desire for peace, but ultimately it is I who wish to ensure history is not forgotten elsewhere. Korean War was NOT a civil war. Period.

2. If your organization's main mission is to "remember" and "recognize", then why is the term "reconciliation" in its title?  Does your group have an official statement on what "Korean War Reconciliation" is? That term alone is confusing.
I agree reconciliation is a vague term and concept. Quite frankly, I don't know HOW to bring about it, but I DO KNOW that before we start discussing what it means, we need to REMEMBER the War first, (erase the Forgotten part of the KWar) and RECOGNIZE the sacrifices made by people involved in that War.  

3. The mission statements place emphasis on recognition and remembrance of the war and of the veterans of the war, but in your flyer for the upcoming vigil, it states in addition to remembrance and recognition, a "desire to foster peace and reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula, and wherever War persists."  Do you have a general or detailed statement on how your organization believes peace can be fostered in Korea as well as in other places that "War persists"?
Thanks for scrutinizing the language in detail. I appreciate your interest and time! =) As indicated before, my mission is not to lay the framework for reconciliation but the groundwork. It's to educate the average Joe and Jane who would be otherwise uninterested (or unaware) of the K-War or other start thinking/taking about what they see as possible solutions. Indifference is worse than criticism-- and too many people are dis/uninterested.

Does your organization have a statement on North Korea and its administration?
No statement. Hope it stops using the unfinished K-War as a pretext to control its people though.

Do you have an official stance on the Korean War or other wars, ie. the Vietnam conflict, Operation Desert Shield/Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraq Freedom, or areas of conflict and how your organization promotes the fostering of peace?
I'm naive when it comes to this. I hope to see less fighting--but freedom is not free. That I know. Hence I am unduly grateful to ALL veterans. They are serving their country and defending the people. No matter how controversial (ie Vietnam) they are brave men and women to whom we must owe our gratitude. PERIOD. Fostering of peace -- through promoting awareness. 

Is your organization in any way affiliated with groups such as the "National Campaign to End the Korean War" and/or any groups that actively call for the United States to sign a peace treaty with the North Korean government?\
I always expressed desire for EVENTUAL peace treaty. How and when-- those are questions out of my league. We are NON-PARTISAN.

It's a bit late so my answers may be incomplete. But I wanted to reply back asap to your most thoughtful and encouraging email. I would DEFINITELY appreciate partnership. I admire your work with the Veterans community. I thank YOU for serving our country. Thank you, Christian.

Sincerely with hope,
Hannah Kim