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ISW calls for hybrid warfare in Afghanistan

Freedom Radio last night

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Freedom Radio last night with Pat Carafagno and Sgt Tim Sumner, you can catch the audio here

Topics included:

Achieving victory in this long war, what it will take to achieve it in Afghanistan, and why President Obama is uncomfortable with talking about it. Eight years into this fight, our nation's defense seems but a talking-point towards the "greater" victory in the next election cycle.

The discussion continued. Uncle Jimbo expanded upon the appropriateness of members of our military using their standing to interject themselves into the controversy about Obama's birth certificate, the major contribution military blogs have made to the reporting on Iraq and the War on Terror, the Warrior Legacy Foundation, and the coming debate over the Battle of Wanat. Of course, no discussion of victory and defeat would be complete without a few choice words about Congressman John Murtha