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Honoring The Sacrifice

Evan Pertile- Returned to Duty


Some outstanding news today in the saga of an Army Strong six year old fighting and beating cancer. Evan Pertile had a nasty tumor in his brain and when we first heard about him he wasn't doing so well. His immune system was shot and he wasn't eating. He has been at St. Jude's in Memphis since last December, well until today that is. He was released this morning and is headed home to South Carolina with his Mom for good. Woo Hoo! He will have to come back a couple of times a year to make sure he stays well, but all his tests are way up and he is doing great.

 I can personally attest to his fitness as the little maniac beat the living crap out of me yesterday. He is quite skilled with the Nerf sword and I paid the price. His mom said that yesterday normally would have been a down day for him as his meds hit him. Well I fear for them on the rest of the days, because he was on fire yesterday. He is a wonderful kid with one of the most amazing smiles I've ever seen. Here is a video so you can see as well.

His Caring Bridge page is here and you can read all about the whole battle and how he adopted the Army (and it him) for motivation. Tanker Babe has more pics from our visit with Evan yesterday and has been an anchor for Evan and his mom through this whole fight. You can read her posts here.