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The Shadow of Karma

Ask PayPal How They Feel About The Wounded

In an update to his post, which resulted in an update to my post, Chuck notes that shafting Soldiers' Angels and our wounded troops has turned out to be a bit of a PR problem for PayPal/E-Bay:

Paypal is owned by eBay. Their PR department is at (408) 376-7458. Please be polite.

This is turning into a big PR mess for them, and a couple thousand voice messages suggesting that, while we don’t think they hate wounded soldiers, we’d love it if they could, you know, confirm that.//

Heck with a couple, how about a few thousand polite voicemails along this line?  408-376-7458 is the number to call.  My own thought to E-Bay/PayPal is that a rather sizable donation to SA would be a good start for f*****g over not just Valour-IT but also an unrelated fund drive to send Christmas to the troops.  I can think of a few other things they could do as well, but the donations would indeed be a place to start

Meantime, as noted below, I've taken the PayPal donation button off my personal site and have begun the process of ceasing to do business with either entity.  My choice, my way of expressing how I feel about a company that cares so little for our wounded and those who care for our troops -- much less about our rights as citizens.