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Your advice has been requested:

DEAR ABBY: I am a 26-year-old married woman. "Jerry" and I have been married just a year, but we've been together for almost four. We have one child who is 3 and another on the way.

Jerry joined the Navy soon after our wedding. He met "Hank" in boot camp, and they became good friends and hung out together until Jerry was deployed to Japan. Hank remained here and comes over from time to time to play with our son.

For the most part, I am content in my marriage, but lately I've had strong feelings for Hank. Hank has told me he has feelings for me, too. Now I'm mixed up about everything. I don't know if I could ever leave my marriage, but more and more I can picture myself with Hank.

Your rationalizations in the comments below, please.