Rooting For The Monsters

Warrior Legacy Foundation in the news

Grace Vuoto of the Washington Times wrote a really cool piece about the Warrior Legacy Foundation in the Washington Times, even in the print edition. They have an initiative where they put two pages of stories about the military in every Thursday's paper and online. Grace was kind enough to use her column this week to highlight WLF and we greatly appreciate that and her efforts overall.

In particular, the Warrior Legacy Foundation seeks to counteract the media narrative that "veterans are victims," Mr. Hanson said. "The vast majority of those who served came back proud of what they did, proud of what they accomplished." That message needs to be heard as much as the message "about death and destruction." He is hoping the Warrior Legacy Foundation will integrate "into the daily fabric of American life" gratitude among all citizens and recognition for the service of the troops in defending freedom.

"We're America's police; we're the world's police," he said. "When evil rears its ugly head, we take care of it." He said that those who served in Iraq contributed to the liberation of 50 million people living "under the boot of Saddam" and the Taliban in Afghanistan. He added that Afghans "now have a say in how they are being governed." These accomplishments are being vastly understated in the mainstream media, Mr. Hanson said.