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The shooter in the Arkansas recruit killing

This is bad. The shooter in the Arkansas recruit shooting is reported to be a Muslim convert. This echoes several other plots where Muslim converts in the US have decided to prove their loyalty to Allah by trying to take out US troops.

The media and the left were quick to minimize previous cases of US Muslim converts believing they should prove their loyalty by attempting jihadist terror acts. This bastard killed a US soldier and wounded another. As I mentioned this is not the first case and I am not even vaguely interested in the disaffected loser scenarios put forth. It is extremely easy to commit a terrorist act and the relative IQ or sophistication of the bad actor is hardly relevant. It is the belief that your God wants you to kill someone and the decision to act on that. The guy who killed the abortion doctor is the same type of loser. 

If you think you need to take action against US troops because they are killing your Muslim brothers, then take your ass to Afghanistan and give it your best shot. A drive by in Little Rock makes you a gutless punk. Hopefully this guy will get his chance to collect his 72 goats via the Arkansas death penalty.