The shooter in the Arkansas recruit killing
Over the Khost Valley

The Ducati Euro-Tard

Maude_side I am indulging a little fun with a very worthy opponent and quality member of our community. Armed Liberal at Winds of Change is someone I respect greatly and who understands that I don't always use my superior intellect and machismo to maximum effect unless forced to. But he made me. He has a new scooter and was braggin' on it which forced me to point out it was a very, dare I say, Euro-Trash kind of ride. Now I have to admit that I have never had a motorcycle license due to one of the only logical recognitions of my life, UJ and a high-powered motorbike equals certain death.

So AL gets himself a new bike but somehow fails to notice how weak his ride is. I mean, I'm not doubting it makes a high squealing noise and goes real fast, but C'mon. I accused him of riding the delivery vehicle for the Croissant House. Rightfully so, I think.

So I am now committed to learning to ride a real motorsickle courtesy of our own Wolf and my own maturation. He has bikes and cars and all kinds of stuff that manly men don't have to say "Ciao" while in command of. AL is a stud, he just happens to strap moped-like things underneath him and call it entertainment.Oh and the headline is 'cuz the bike is actually called the Hyper Motard. WTF?