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Reality Bites- Iranian regime not an honest broker

Well it's not news to anyone paying even a little bit of attention, but the flagrant theft of the election in Iran may force even some of the "Can't we all just get along" crowd to fess up and join the reality-based world. At the Corner

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Ezra Klein:

Those of us who have long argued for the fundamental rationality of the Iranian regime have seen our case fundamentally weakened.

Ezra gets kudos for waking the hell up, but he is only one of many on the left, up to and including the Great Apologizer who have deluded themselves that the Mullahs are playing the same game they are. He mistakes the complete rationality of their actions for what he and many others wanted to believe was a group that shared their human decency, They Don't! They are rationally pursuing absolute control of their country, rationally pursuing nuclear weapons, rationally pursuing regional hegemony and rationally using the tools on the left who can't grasp that.

YouTube videos full of holiday charm got exactly the response they warranted....giggles. Heartfelt pleas to understand that all US actions heretofore are erased and a new day of Hope & Change has dawned have somehow failed to stop them from shooting their own people like fish in barrels. We are not even bringing a knife to this gunfight we are bringing flowers. Because he has decided that the Charm Offensive will carry the day, the President can't even encourage the brave Iranians attempting to liberate themselves from oppression. He was silent for three days and when he did speak out, it was a whimper, a pat on the head to the dis-enfranchised and a note to Mahmoud to call him once they mop the blood out of the streets in a couple of weeks.

The Iranian government has no fear, and the Iranian people no hope, that America will act in any substantive way. Now that the left has gained the upper hand and Realpolitik means that playing nice with brutal totalitarian regimes is the safer bet, the Iranians will continue to feel the stomp of an iron-clad sandal on their necks. The administration has decided that dealing with a nuclear Iran is better than doing anything to stop them. The rest of the region will now get another round of Hezbollah & Hamas rockets, Revolutionary Guards fomenting terror in Iraq, and weapons flowing to Afghanistan to help the fanatics there kill our troops.

Somebody is gonna have to show me where the Smart is in this kind of Power, our enemies get stronger and our friends and any who crave freedom get thrown under the bus.