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Pseudonymanonymity on the webs

Greyhawk has a piece about the outing of an anonymous blogger by Ed Whelan at the Corner.

Wanna be linked by everyone in the blogosphere? Try exposing an pseudonymous blogger. It works, and as a double bonus your subject's identity will be known far beyond the readership of your site.

Bad form, says I - though so is hiding behind a pseudonym in order to be an obnoxious twit (note I'm not accusing anyone of that motive here). I maintained a pseudonymous blog here for many years and many reasons - at the outset primarily because as a milblogger I practiced more strict OPSEC than what's officially required; for example, someone who knew who I was could determine where I was, from that many other bad things could potentially follow. Bear in mind that was the calculation of a guy who was one of the first milbloggers, entering into an unknown world (and an unknown future at war) - and the handful that preceded me were all pseudonymous, a tradition that continues with the vast majority starting out today.

I wrote anonymously for two years myself before decided to put my name out there. It is the prerogative of anyone to do so. Your arguments can either stand on their own reasoning and coherence or not. Your name, unless there is dishonestly in play is not germane. Whelan acted in a sorry fashion and made himself look like a punk.