F-22 back in Defense Bill
Senate passes bill banning photo release

Proud To Be An American

Georgia recently sent elements of its 48th BCT to Afghanistan. Within 3 weeks 3 of their warriors were killed by an IED explosion. The following video is simply magnificent. It's 12 minutes long, but it makes an incredible point - the people of America love and honor their warriors and appreciate the sacrifice they make. The video is shot from inside the procession which picked up the remains of SSG John Beale and shows the crowds which turned out to honor him as it traveled through various parts and towns in Henry County, GA, where SSG Beale was from.

If you get through this without tearing up a bit, you're a better person than I am. This is living proof of the change that has taken place among this nation's citizens since the Viet Nam era and I can't adequately express my thanks for the incredibly positive change that has been.

Thank you, citizens of Henry County, GA for the magnificent way in which you honored the sacrifice of SSG John Beale. You make us all proud.

And thank you SSG Beale for the service and sacrifice you gave to our country. Our prayers are with your family.