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Neda the martyr

I have not had much hope that the nascent revolution in Iran would produce anything more than hundreds, perhaps thousands of nameless victims. The regime holds all the cards, the police, the Basij, the military, but the protesters now they have.......a martyr.

What a beautiful girl, and what a horrifying death. I will not embed the video, but go to Hot Air and watch it if you haven't. Go and watch the life leave her eyes, go and watch the blood from her shattered heart pour from her mouth, go and watch, just f**king go and watch the human face of this revolution.

The Mullahs had everything and then they did this. The one thing that will speak to all decent people, the ruthless and mindless slaughter of an innocent, especially in a culture so attuned to martyrdom. Iranian women have begun to chafe under the yoke of oppression and now this perfect example of the deadly wrongness of this. I am sick that she died, sick that she had to, sick that a power-mad, Islamic state killed her, sick that we legitimize that state, sick that she is one of so many victims of oppressive evil around the world.

But hopeful that martyrdom is powerful, hopeful that iconic images inspire, hopeful that her death can help topple the Mullahs. Persia deserves better than the backwards, uncivilized, barbaric bastards who currently govern it. Free Iran, for Neda.