Suffocation v. Killing
Col. Ed McMahon Dies

Maybe I was wrong about Dubya.

You know, maybe I was wrong.  Or weak.  I supported Bush in his decision to invade Iraq but over time decided that it had been a mistake.  I didn't think it would be as difficult or costly as it has turned out to be six years later.  The neocon agenda of using hard and soft US power to spread liberal democracy, while noble, wasn't enough of a justification for my brother to be over there, and in any case there was little evidence indicating that it was succeeding.

Until Neda.

So I guess what I'm saying here is, after looking at Iran, a country for which I am crossing my fingers and arms and legs -- what if this is a vindication of neocon strategy and George Bush?  Furthermore, what if the reason Obama has been slow to get behind the protests in Iran is that ultimately, he won't be able to take credit for it?  Be curious to hear your thoughts.

-- Uber Pig