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Iran helping out in Afghanistan

Well helping out the bad guys. Hows that Smart Power working out? Cliff May in the Corner:

The Telegraph (UK) reports that Afghan border police have seized anti-tank mines and mortars sent from Iran to "militants fighting Nato-led forces."

And don't you love it when diplomats talk like this?

A spokesman for the British embassy said Iran could play a positive role in Afghanistan, but support for the Taliban was "completely unacceptable".

He said: "This approach undermines its own interests, contributing to instability on its border with Afghanistan, which in turn strengthens the narcotics trade.


"Iran should recognise that the goals of the Afghan Government and international community in Afghanistan are in Iran's own interests."

I'm certain that there will be an apology forthcoming around the fact that we started this whole sending weapons to Islamic mujahideen thing right? Or maybe it was the Brit's back in the day. Wherever the blame belongs it simply cannot be that the Iranians are doing their damndest to de-stabilize or dominate all of their neighbors. I join Cliff in laughing at the ridiculous statement of the Brit diplomat. WTF is it that makes these people, theirs and ours, incapable of seeing that the Iranians are our enemies and we can't just wish that away?

This mindset, that we can convince the bad guys to love us, is dangerously naive and will allow the North Koreans, Iranians, Syrians hey wait isn't there a name for that bunch? anyhow it will allow them to gain ground. There are already reports that the Obama administration has decided to live with a nuclear Iran rather than rock the boat. Pakistan is falling apart and who knows what will happen to their nukes, the Norks have 'em, the Mullahs soon to follow. We could be witnessing the greatest proliferation since the 50's.

I understand there is a need for diplomacy and I think we should always be playing high stakes poker with them. But we need more than formalized lying in formal wear. We need to be prepared to punish those who step over lines. Iran has been killing our troops in Iraq for years, anyone paying attention knew the same thing was happening in Afghanistan. Is there any accounting for the US military lives they have taken?