Party with a Purpose in Dallas
US Troops Pull out of Iraqi Urban Centers

Hugs for TSO, benefits to WLF

The USO Girls are scheming again and the victim is This Ain't Hell's TSO.

The official Huggin' and Kissin' Grandmas are going to be for the first time in history giving hugs for donations to the Warrior Legacy Foundation! These aren't your average grandma hug, their hugs simoltainiously fill you with joy and make you feel like the most special person in the world. Their hugging reputation spans the globe! So Friday for a $2 donation you will get a hug and kiss from each Grandma (and for an extra dollar they might even goose you!).

As many of you know TSO has an aversion to hugging, so if you are not able to attend our festivities this Friday let me encourage you to make a donation to the Warrior Legacy Foundation in the name of "Hugs for TSO." Not only will you be doing good for a wonderful foundation, but you will also be helping one of our own!