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Help Me Win A Makeover

AND AGAIN:  This morning, Soldiers' Angels is in second place.  THANK YOU to all who have voted!  If you haven't yet, or have an e-mail addy or two left, please help make SA #1. 


In two days, you have helped take Soldiers' Angels from zero in an contest that has been underway for a while now, to number five.  5th place.  If you haven't voted, please do go here and vote, and put in Soldiers' Angels.  If you have additional e-mail accounts (apparently it is once per e-mail addy), please consider voting some more.  If you have voted, THANK YOU!


Well, sort of.  Yes, those who have met me can attest I could use a rather extensive one.  Yet, this one's not for me.  If you go here and vote, and put in Soldiers' Angels, they could win a $25,000.00 social media makeover.  That would be a huge help to any charity in these times, so please go vote.  As for me and my makeover, belt sanders are cheap...