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Fuerzas Comando '09 highlights

Courtesy of SOCSO PAO Maj. Alexander we have video highlights from this years Fuerzas Comando competition. Here is the report on the results.

FuerzasComandoAirborne GOIANIA, BRAZIL- Fuerzas Comando 2009 winds down here after an exhausting week of running, shooting, and swimming. Thirteen special operations teams took part today in an airborne operation over the skies of Goiania. Upon completion of the airborne operation, participants earn the right to wear Brazilian jump wings.

Fuerzas Comando 2009 wraps up tomorrow with the closing ceremony. Brazil has taken first place, with Ecuador in second place and Colombia finishing third.

 For pictures and video clips of the competition, as well as a complete break-down of the rules and scores for all Fuerzas Comando 2009 events, log on to www.fuerzascomando2009.eb.mil.br.