A small victory in the information war
What the Fallen Can Tell Us

And A Setback In The Information War

Well, the "journalism" being done by Shepard Smith and Catherine Herridge on Fox -- which is essentially Told You Those Vets Were Dangerous -- is now the talk of Twitter and Social Media.  There is, thankfully, a lot of outrage over the comments made/being made.  A lot of e-mails are headed his way and to Fox


All those will do is feed an already overlarge ego and translate to suits as ratings.  You want your e-mail to have impact?  Then start contacting advertisers on Fox News and ask them if they agree with the comments and conclusions expressed by Smith and Herridge.  Be nice about it, but...  That will get action, writing him or Fox will not.

BTW, Thanks to Col. Ralph Peters for the quote: "The shooter wasn't a career military man, he was a career nut." 

who hasn't been able to take Shep seriously since Katrina... 

UPDATE:  Feel free to leave a list of those advertising today around the coverage time in the comments.  I will then post them as a second update along with a contact addy if I can find one. 

UPDATE II:  Thanks to Marine6, here is a list of some of the advertisers.