Happy Armed Forces Day!
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Troop Supporter Could Use Your Support

The nice glow that surrounded my Armed Forces Day got partially eclipsed this morning as I finally got time to go and read some blogs.  It seems that Chrissie has attracted the attentions of a not-terribly-bright dou-Che (spelling it out that way so that it is understood by the dim) who thinks it's the incarnation of Woodward & Bernstien.  Hate to tell you dou-Che-bag, it took me less than three minutes many years ago to find your major scoop.  Swuft, you ain't, and damn sure not original. 

Now, Chrissie supports the troops.  Not just with words, or a fashionable magnet on a car, but she went with Bob Hope to a little place called Vietnam to help entertain the troops.  She is married to a Navy veteran.  In short, she's put her butt on the line for our troops, which is more than many/most in the alt weekly crowd have ever done (for the troops or otherwise).  That said, keep in mind that there are a few good people in that crowd... 

Her acting career is not a secret, and if the video at the link doesn't get you going (or make you laugh), then check your pulse.  It does not make her a hypocrite or anything other than someone who has done some amazing things and had success in several endeavors.  I admit I am envious of her time at the Playboy Mansion, as my photographic internship at the magazine never got me there or to any of the fancy parties.  Sniff.  Sniff. 

Of course, my internship could earn me the same type of public/private approach that, in my opinion is frankly disturbing for the differences between and content of same, but I don't think I'm the right gender (think Coulter has a VERY good point on that subject). 

Meantime, brain-trust there starts this when Ben Eason, president of the publishing empire ([email protected]) is apparently fighting for his corporate life in bankruptcy court.  I wonder what ol' Ben thinks of all this? 

Please go give Wild Thing some well deserved love and support.  She gave me a very warm welcome to the blogosphere six years ago, and the least I can do is return this favor.  We don't talk often, but a note from her makes this wolf's tail wag like a puppy's.  If you care to politely and with reference to facts and specifics (to separate yourself from the dou-Che's like the one working for him) ask Mr. Eason what he thinks, well, feel free.  If you know anyone at your local Creative Loafing, Chicago Reader, or Washington City Paper, you might ask them the same thing.  If you advertise in same, well... 

Hang in there Wild Thing, and thanks for all you do for our troops and have done for me.  This fat slightly-stove up old wolf appreciates it all. 

who thanks Linda SOG and SondraK for their support of Chrissie.