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End of Day 1 - Best Ranger Competition Leaders

The 2009 Best Ranger Competition

So, Jimbo and I show up in Georgia on some personal matters to find out that the US Army Ranger Training Brigade is putting on the Best Ranger Competition.

Jimbo and I pull up in our H3 to get our media badges.  If you want to know what the Rangers think of the media, check out my badge after the Jump. 


But seriously, PINK?! 

BTW, the public affairs people are wonderful and have treated us like rockstars.

Jimbo and I had to tell many a Ranger that "we're not media weasels".  And more than a few people told me, "I just read your blog yesterday..."

So, this morning at 0500, we moved out to Fort Benning. This year, there are 50 teams.  I don't know if that's a record but I do know that it's more than we've seen in a few years.  One team that I know of was brought in from Iraq.  I talked to the parents of those Rangers and they were very proud (but disappointed that it took the BRC to have a reunion with their sons). 

The 50 teams lined up to complete the four mile buddy run.


I took the above picture at 0-dark-thirty and Jimbo quipped that this is the first time in years that he's even seen a clock register 0500...

We were going to be allowed to go on the Spot Jump flights and film the exits of the Rangers parachuting onto Lee DZ. But the ceiling was too low and the Spot Jump was canceled.  Jim got some great footage of the helicopters but got a little too close on one shot and nearly became Uncle Sushi. 

We'll get on the Helocast (Rangers drop into Victory Pond from a moving Blackhawk) Sunday.

Shortly after the buddy run started, we stumbled into MMA fighter extraordinaire Tim Kennedy and Tom from Ranger Up.  They knew about a thousand Rangers there and some of the competitors, as well.

From the starting buddy run, we've been following the competition.  The Darby Queen obstacle course always offers some good footage and Jim and I hiked around the course to take video and photos.


For some reason, Jim talked me into carrying the heavier old equipment as I was the junior cameraman...We were also able to track down one of COB6's friends from the old days - now a Ranger BN chaplain and former BRC winner that gave us an amazing interview.

At one point, Jimmy, sharp as a tack, accidentally dialed his cell phone while talking to the Ranger Up guys and he didn't know that TankerBabe could hear the whole conversation.

The RTB Commander showed up and Jimbo jumped at the chance to interview COL Douglas Flohr.


Gotta get back to the competition...the machine gun range is next...