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Thanking the kids who sent them socks

Tanker Babe has a story about a good dude who she introduced me to quite a while back. He is one of the 2nd of the 503rd and was hurt pretty badly at the Battle of Wanat. The first time I met him he was wheelchair bound and worried about getting bumped into. A month ago we flew to Benning with a couple other of his buds and when the tram was broken we walked a click and a half to baggage claim. He even asked me if my old ass was gonna make it. SSG Ryan Pitts is nominated for the DSC for his actions at Wanat and he could hardly be more humble about it. He went to Memphis to meet the kids who sent his unit socks and more. He is a good MoFo and showed it by indulging them immensely. Go read about him and the 5th graders.