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Six year old accepts Silver Star for his Dad

This unit continues to shine as an example of all the highest ideals our military demonstrates. The 2nd of the 503rd had a fallen soldier honored and his son received the medal in front of his classmates.

Often, when the skies above Kanesville Elementary School are clear, children on recess can look up and see a fighter jet from nearby Hill Air Force Base slicing a sharp white contrail into the blue.

Some of those jets have cut similar trails across Afghan skies. And that's as close as most of this suburban school's students will ever come to the ongoing battle in south Asia.

But the war flew much closer to home on Wednesday. In a morning assembly before hundreds of teary-eyed students, a stoic 6-year-old named Jase Spargur accepted the Silver Star -- the U.S. military's third-highest medal for valor -- on behalf of his fallen father. Jonathan Brostrom was one of nine soldiers killed when hundreds of Taliban guerillas armed with rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and mortars ambushed an Army outpost near the village of Wanat, near the Pakistani border, on July 13.

According to accounts from fellow soldiers, the 24-year-old Army first lieutenant was responding to enemy fire from a relatively safe location when he learned that soldiers in a nearby observation post were in trouble. He was killed while trying to ferry medical supplies and ammunition across a 100-yard stretch between the two positions.

I know some of the soldiers whose lives were saved by 1LT Brostrom and the rest of the men at Wanat and they revere him. It is sad that his son has to receive a posthumous honor, but he will know that the memory of his father's heroism will live on forever. We will never forget. Look at the other photos at the link if you aren't already crying.

More members of this unit recognized for their bravery at Wanat.

CPL Ayers honored in hometown ceremony (video of the event)

SGT Denton, CPT Myer and SFC Dzwik honored at Ft. Benning Airborne Walk.

Matt and I along with the amazing Tanker Babe will be meeting up with some of the guys from this unit again the 7th of May when we head to Ft. Benning to cover the Best Ranger Competition. Airborne, all the way.

The Tanker Babe has more at her site.