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"I think my mother prayed me out of that camp"

Prince Harry: Playboy or Soldier?

And I thought the US press corps was rude.  Check this piece out in the Guardian, talking about Prince Harry.  Lede:

Prince Harry arrives in New York today for a two-day rite of passage that will see him seek to dispel his playboy image and replace it with a patina of empathy in his mother's mould.

Not once does the writer of the piece, Ed Pilkington, mention that Prince Harry has already done a tour as a British soldier in Afghanistan, and acquitted himself well.  

The scale of the PR challenge facing the 24-year-old prince, who has set foot in the US only once before, as a child, has been underlined by advance media coverage. The New York Daily News noted his "hard-partying ways", Time magazine highlighted his penchant for "long, alcohol-fueled nights" and the Associated Press reminded its subscribers of the apology he had to make for wearing a Nazi swastika at a fancy-dress party.

Playboy indeed.  I think by going to Afghanistan Prince Harry showed more character than his older brother, or his father, or his sainted mother, or the vast majority of young men from his highly privileged background.  Ed Pilkington and the Guardian may think Harry has something left to prove, that Harry needs to establish his estrogen credentials, that Harry needs to start playing ball.  Don't rock the boat, Harry.  Don't make the rest of your class look bad.  Don't make Ed Pilkington's class, which washes the balls of your privileged class, look bad.  Get back to the business of being a Prince and acting like your mother and doing charity work and playing polo and driving bio-diesel fueld cars like your father because that makes the Guardian's liberal readers feel all warm inside and less guilty that they aren't making the same kinds of personal sacrifices their service members make in Afghanistan and Iraq every day.  

-- Uber Pig