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Pelosi invokes Soldiers Sailors Relief Act

Gen. Nancy Pelosi invoked the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act today saying she could not be held responsible for the briefings she was given about torture since.

"I was fighting a war in Iraq at that point, too, you know."

The act expressly forbids service members from adverse actions that occur when they are deployed in defense of our country and we are all well aware of Gen. Pelosi's heroic actions attempting to surrender to each and every enemy faction in Iraq. She was tireless in her efforts to lose this war at home in Congress and now we have these apparently de-classified reports about her service in Iraq as well. Well done Madame Speaker General. She is a shameless liar and if you want to chill your bones, the succession chain goes Obama, Biden, Pelosi. I am off to sacrifice a porterhouse steak to the continued health of our 44th President.