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Obama Firing Dan Choi for being Too Gay

Word on the street is that Baron Von Steuben was gay. Also, I'm pretty sure if you read some of that greek stuff, you'll find there were some gay dudes hanging out in phalanxes.  My position has long been that gay dudes have the same duty to serve as breeders, and that shouldn't be interfered with. Uncle Jimbo, of course, outed himself almost three years ago with the same opinion.  And even if a majority of active duty folks disagree with us on this, they'd be at least a little bit troubled by the case of Dan Choi.  Dan is apparently an excellent arabic linguist who has served in harsh environments, is a graduate of West Point, is respected by his fellow soldiers, loves his unit, and has sworn to defend his country with his life.  He's not like some of the guys I know of who used their newly found sexuality as a means to leave the Army before their term was up.  There are no charges of improper relationships between him and a subordinate.  The only complaint is that he went on national TV and didn't lie about his sexuality.  

According to Aaron Belkin, Obama can, at any time, suspend the implementation of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  Doing so would save the career of what appears to be a good man. So you know what? It's time for Obama to put his money where his mouth is. As long as you understand that by "money," I mean the "political capital" he's been holding onto since taking office. Holding onto it like an 8 year old boy holds onto his teddy bear at the Neverland Ranch. Time to loosen up.

And even if you still think gays shouldn't be able to serve in the military, you probably appreciate the heat getting turned up on Obama for his hypocrisy on this issue. I know I do.


-- Uber Pig