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Obama blocks release of photos

President Obama has made an excellent decision in fighting a requirement to release photos of prisoner abuse. There is no purpose served by this as these photos were primarily gathered as evidence used to punish those perpetrating the abuse. The usual suspects on the left are clamoring for their publication so they can howl about systematic programs approved by Darth Cheney of torture and degradation. They completely miss the point that the people who did these heinous acts are in prison or were thrown out of the military. How in the hell can you square that circle to conclude that this was the authorized policy?

There is no question that releasing these photos would result in the deaths of US service members and others by aiding the recruitment of suicide bombers. Debriefs of captured terrorists showed Abu Ghraib was a common theme. The "human rights" groups are all too happy to sacrifice a few American soldiers to advance their cause of emasculating the US and ensuring we can never do anything to keep their sorry asses safe.

Where would we be if the only "force" keeping bad guys from running rampant was the moral indignation of the ACLU? How many divisions can Human Rights Watch deploy to stop a Hitler or a marauding Russia? These groups can only do their jobs if there is someone covering their asses, and in this world that is the US military. The UN can deploy as many child rapists and corruptocrats as they want, but they have never solved a serious problem anywhere. We are Team America World Police and all the whinging in the world doesn't change that fact.

So congratulations President Obama, you stood up to your base and I salute you for it.