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Memorial Day - Specialist Bill Maher

Join the Warrior Legacy Foundation

The Warrior Legacy Foundation has a bold agenda. We believe that America should know about and respect the people who give and have given them their amazing freedoms. I mean seriously, where else would any of us choose to live? I have been to several dozen countries and although they are interesting, being an American is second to none. So here is a plea to join us in putting this back into the public square. I will ask you all to send this to your friends, your email list, your Facebook friends, your Twitter Tweeters, all of a sudden I sound like "Horton hears a Who". I am simply saying viralize this. It is as good a cause as we have and we will use it well. Here is an explanation why.  Download WLF Launch Release Feel free to send it to any local media you know, they all need to help us out. You don't need to be a veteran, you just need to understand that freedom isn't free, there's a hefty fee.