Memorial Day 2009
Memorial Day: Remembering My Uncle James

How not to celebrate Memorial Day

This was two years back in Madison, when our local moonbats decided to completely miss the point about Memorial Day. Mudville and Castle Aaaargh understand, but too many don't. Memorial Day is for remembering those who died in the service of our country. The moonbats wanted to whinge and snivel and pat themselves on the back about how morally superior they are. But they couldn't find even 10 seconds to say a word about those who died so they could piss and moan. Well I took as much as I could and then at the end when they began the kumbaya portion of the event. I took their stage and gave them about 5 minutes of a righteous ass-chewing. They managed to spin around and then shut off my camera as well as cutting the power on the PA. Didn't matter, I have a big voice and gave them what they deserved. All we ask is that one day a year they respect our war dead, apparently that's too much.