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Digital Life: Back to the Newsroom

This panel features Ted Bridis, news editor, Associated Press.  For bloggers, we do have his thoughts on the AP use guidelines as well as his take on the history/issue of same.  You might want to read it. As before, the majority of this is being put below the fold and will be built in part or whole from  the tweets.

Ted Bridis, AP news editor, "Back to the Newsroom"; background, incl. trying to cover how stim will be spent; notes cyber czar fourth time tried to get this right, not done beans so far (cyber/security/privacy); discussion; new czar not direct report as prom.

not a good sign. Strong background in security and privacy, tech. Saw Pentagon hit 9/11, good story; In tech, you have to know how things work if you are going to cover/do Star Trek clip, know how the system works (tech, reg system)

track closely promises and warnings of policy makers, egularots, companies, etc., stay in touch with players as you meet White House called AP in to complain about stimulous coverage, what measuring us against? Your own words...

 Job is tougher, even as it's easier - because of tech. Make use of it, (don't let it use you?) Leverage your understanding of tech and break (good) stories, good examples given. Good ideas for reporters old media and new. verify. video worth million words strong video on helicopter accident, now used by mil in training; MRAP video from sharing site, how verified and took care; smug mug

SEAL wife posted inappropriate photos of prisoners, AP sued for copyright violation, courts threw out as open post as reporters, you HAVE to toe the line on law, protection and set example. Privacy discussion.

Legal rules vs. Social Rules -- both are still being written, use care and don't be surprised if flamed. Confirm, confirm, confirm -- and dig. Be reporters and check. Good twitter story on imposter being followed avidly by reporters

Q&A FBI and failure to provide details; yes, dig, background and discussion. Card processors large target (jive with FBI info) AP recommendation on using Facebook, etc.? AP ethics guidelines and such. com with minor on FB, etc? No (not yet?).

Where is AP on guidelines for bloggers? In work, problem was not with fair use, but with whole article use. AP Position distorted

guard all original material, has value, get most for it.

Will AP guidelines extend return courtesy to blogs, ack. original reporting? Already do, problem, try to fix and give credit/links

More later,