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Ask an Infantryman: What Needs Fixing?


This week's question is perhaps the most useful one so far, and while I enjoy stupid infantryman humor more than any 14 of you readers combined, I must confess that this question, recently submitted, is making me feel a little bit warm inside. Here you go:

What Needs Fixing?

Dear The_Bleachman: I am a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Cincinnati and as part of our program we are required to design/build some project as a proof of our skills before we may graduate. Rather than make some useless toy that would amuse me, I'd like to design something that would solve a problem you Soldiers may be dealing with right now. In other words, I want to contribute something useful and needed. However, I'm not in the thick of things as you all are/have been and consequently I am not familiar with all the various annoyances you all have to deal with. What I'd like to get from you is a list of problems that need fixing, big or small, and I'll try my best to solve at least one of them. Don't worry about the difficulty level of the problem or what skills would be needed to solve it, I've got the time to research and acquire the requisite abilities before I'll be graduating.

Thank you all for your service, and I look forward to your responses!

I, too, look forward to your responses. And no, you can't request a hybrid humvee. They already built one of those.


--Uber Pig

PS: Looks like we have about 10 folks who can come to a Left Coast Blackfive Bierfest. I'll be putting an email out on a list soon to you all who have written in, but if you're anywhere near the SF Bay Area send me an email at enlistedswine at the G. as in, the

Update: Have had lots of interest in the Left Coast BierFest. Also some questions about whether or not I started this whole "swine flu" thing. And while I've known some real sows in my day, none of them have been to Mexico City in years.