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From our friends at Ranger up:

Thanks to all of the beautiful ladies who took the time to put together photos and an essay. After hundreds of submissions, we’ve whittled the list down to 25. Your feedback is directly guiding our decision, so make sure to cast your vote! As a very public process, passing on a link to this page and survey is a great way to make sure the girl you want to win gets selected.

You can go to the Rhino Den and view the photos and read the essays of the 25 finalists (there are "Next" and "Back" buttons under the photos).  I will post the essays in the extended section below if you need a quick reference. 

Then, take the survey (and vote).

In a week, Ranger Up and some of their *cough* blog friends (i.e. a big bald ugly Viking and a red faced Celt usually found swimming in scotch) will make the decision on the finalists based on your input.

And you can get the official Blackfive T-shirt at Ranger Up, too.


Ranger Up Girl Contest - Essay Summary 

1 - Ashley - Army

My name is Ashley and I’m a 26 year old stay-at-home mom/wife of an Army soldier.  I am very proud of what my husband does.  There is nothing sexier than a man in uniform (for women of course).  So many people fail to realize that our armed forces are fighting for you and your way of life.  That’s why I love Ranger Up.  Y’all get the word out, share the humor and antics of our serving men and women, and show some support – but I digress.

I was thrilled to learn about this opportunity to represent Ranger Up and by default our great nation’s military.  I think I would make a great RU Girl.  So here are 10 things you should know about me: I’m a college graduate that CHOOSES to stay at home to support my husband and raise our kids.  The last thing he needs to worry about is the welfare of his family and he needs not (I do a great job). I love science, especially marine biology.  It’s what I studied in school and my passion.  I’m not afraid to admit that it is my nerdy/guilty pleasure. My goal in life is to retire on a catamaran. I love to run.  I’m too high strung to lazy around.  I’ve recently gotten into trail running and it is my new favorite. A good night starts with an Irish Car Bomb for dinner. I love classic rock.  I suck at Rock Band. My favorite pistol is a Glock 9mm. I love to watch a good thunderstorm. I have the patience of a saint. I just can’t ditch my Georgia roots. 

2-Katie - Army 

Why do I want to be THE Ranger Up Girl?! Well let me tell you why I know I am the best woman out there! My outside appearance is only a small part of me; it does not make me who I am. I am a very strong, independent, fun-loving and hard-working woman who has a great appreciation for life and those who make it possible for me to strive and enjoy my freedom. I am a huge advocate for the United States military and if I can help influence and boost the morale of our troops by being a part of Ranger Up, then I would be honored and feel privileged to earn the title of a Ranger Up Girl (with your help of course ;D)! As the Ranger Up Girl, I feel I would be representing the females of America and display the gratitude we have for both the women and men serving with honor. I am a figure skater, gym rat and one day I want to be an MMA fighter! Vote for me...I promise not to let you down! 

3-Angel - Army 

Proud to be an American!! My name is Angel; I'm 5’5, dark brown hair, and blue eyed American girl!! While I know how to be sexy and fun, I am also down to earth and intellectual. It takes a lot more than just a pretty face and a hot body to hold a man's attention and that's what I possess; a challenge and the ability to talk about anything! I played soccer, was a gymnast, and have ridden horses all my life so I can keep up with the boys! Take a good look because I'm your next Ranger Up Girl!! 

4-Michelle - Army  

My name's Michelle Jungels and I want to be the next Ranger Up Girl because I want to show my support and appreciation for our amazing troops who sacrifice so much in order to protect and serve our country. Of all the companies that are supporting our troops, you guys caught my eye because you're professional but you obviously know how to have fun. I'm a nurse who's waiting at home for her husband who's on his second tour of duty and I want to be a reminder to him and his fellow soldiers that we love you, support you, and we're waiting for you back home!  

5-Lauren - Army

My name is Lauren Brown, I'm 22 years old, I live in Washington, DC and I would absolutely love to be a Ranger Up Girl! I think it looks like a great opportunity to show my support for the troops that do so much for our country. As a US citizen living in the nation's capitol, I know how many freedoms we wouldn't have if we didn't have soldiers in all aspects of service fighting for our country every day and this is my way of thanking them. You can pick which service I would be affiliated with because if I had the opportunity I would love to be affiliated with all of them, but my grandfather was in the army in WW2, so there is a special place in my heart for those guys. I am super outgoing, fun, and laid back and think I would be perfect for this job. I have experience in promotional work, having worked for US concepts doing promotions for Smirnoff and Captain Morgan, and would love to put that experience to work doing something patriotic. 

6-Kimberly - Army

While our men and woman serve our country either in the states or overseas, those left behind feel there is little to do to show support. Sure soldiers know their family supports them, but those soldiers don't realize that THOUSANDS of people are also behind their back. As a daughter of a Policeman, the best friend of anAir Forcemanand the soon-to-be girlfriend of an Army Soldier,about todeploy to Iraq at the end of April, I know what it feels like to fear the loss of a loved one. Not knowing if they'll ever come home. I want to show not only him, but all of the others in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Special Forces, etc, that I'll always support them 100%. I want them to know that while I can live my life regularly while they fight for us, I'm always thinking about them and praying for everyone of their safe returns.Winning the Ranger Up Girls, of course would be a HUGE honor, but I do realize there are prettier girls that could win so I'm not concerned about it. I just want to show my support. That's my reasoning to be a Ranger Up Girl. I want to feel closer to them and show that one more person is always thinking aboutand thanking them for their services.I would like to be affiliated with the Army. It's hard to choose since I have friends in every area of the military. But because I love my soon-to-be boyfriend to death I want to support him. ...(I say soon-to-be because he doesn't want me to wait for him. But I'm going to. Just for the record.) 

7-Stephanie - Army

I want to be the next Ranger up girl because I love my country! I would love an opportunity to represent the Army! My husband serves in the Army and this would be a great way for me to be able to support him. I am outgoing, edgy, fun, and crazy yet I am still level headed and responsible.  

8-Gianna - Army

My name is Gianna , I am 18, and a Jersey girl. I love a man in uniform! My boyfriend is a West Point Cadet. I support the military100% and I fully appreciate what they do for America. I realize the sacrifices that our men and women and their loved ones make and I am thankful for it. Anything I can do to brighten a soldier's day, I am up for.  

9-Julia - Army

My name is Julia and I am 23 and from Pittsburgh PA.  I work full time and I am going to school for my MBA.  I am engaged to a US Army Infantryman who is currently serving his second tour in Iraq.  I found your site because I am an avid fan of Big Tobacco and I purchased one of his shirts.  I think I would make a great Ranger Up Girl because I am an all American girl. I love this country and all those who fight to defend it. Many people have told me I have the best laugh they have ever heard and say it cheers them up every time they hear it! I always try to stay positive and keep smiling. I volunteer for a military charity that sends care packages to thousands of troops and I also run my own care packaging blog. In December my fiance and I will be running the Las Vegas marathon and half marathon to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project which benefited one of our friends during his stay at Walter Reed. 

10-Kimberly - Army

I want to be the next Ranger Up Girl because I know I have what it takes. I had a chance before to do modeling and I didn't take it. I've been kicking myself ever since. I see this as another opportunity and one that I should take. I have a lot of friends and family in the military also; and they serve in all of the branches. I think that being a Ranger Up Girl would make them proud. I support each and everyone of them 110% and I know that they are here to support me too. Recently I lost a friend over seas and if I were to win anything from this I plan on putting the prize money towards my schooling and into his four children's funds. The military has and will always be in my life in one way or another. No matter what comes of this I will always proudly support the military branches and the braves ones who fight for us. I would like to be affiliated with the Army branch. 

11-Heather - Air Force

Hey! My name is Heather Dyre. I am 22 years old and I am a model out of Arkansas. I think that I would be a great ranger-up girl! I love helping people that help others. I think that the soldiers deserve this. They have so much to help our country. Leaving behind family's, not knowing if they will get to see them again. I would love to be the one to show the soldiers how much we appreciate everything they are and have been doing to keep everyone else safe! I have a lot of friends over seas fighting for out country. These guys don't get to see hot girls for a long time, so when they are injured and feel like no one cares, I would like to be the one to show them that everyone cares and talk with them when they feel like they have no one else. I wanna show these soldiers that they are the bravest people in the world to do what other people can't. I would like to affiliated with the Air Force or you pick! 

12-Raye - Air Force

Freedom and honor - two of the most powerful words used to describe the armed forces. Soldiers put their lives on the line to protect our country, to ensure our freedom. They believe and take pride in serving our nation and it would be an honor for me to serve as a Ranger girl in support of the Air Force so that I may give something back to show my appreciation. If you need anything else, please let me know. 

13-Jenna - Navy

I want to be the next Ranger Up Girl because I am a former Navy brat! My dad served for over 30 years in the US Navy and I have seen the sacrifices these men and women make to serve their country. This would be a wonderful way to show my appreciation the our troops!  

14-Daniella - Navy

Hi Ranger Up Guys!! My name is Daniella. I have two brothers in the Navy. For as long as I can remember my brothers Tony and Dusty have been my heroes! Dusty has served one term in Iraq and is currently serving the US Embassy in Africa. Tony is on an aircraft carrier in the gulf making sure those jets fly the way they are supposed to. I am the lead singer in a progressive metal band called Forbidden Symphony and have tried very hard to get a USO show together for our soldiers. Our original song titled "Hero" is an anthem for them. A reminder to everyone of what they do for us. Anytime I see a service man or woman in uniform out in public I march right up to them, stick out my hand, give them a huge heartfelt smile and tell them thank you for their service to our country. They are heroes and they should be treated as such. I have always wanted to show them all how much I appreciate their service. This is just another way I can do that! Thank you for considering my pictures! I would be so honored to be a Navy Ranger Up Girl!!! (you have no idea how much!!!!!!) 

15-Deb - Navy

My name is Deb Coon and I'm a retired Navy Chief (MAC) so if chosen I would love to be the Navy girl. I served 24 years in the Navy (I guess that shows I'm over 18) have been stationed in CONUS and overseas. I was K9 and anti-terrorism for the last 14 years (inmeteorology the first 7). I love to work out, have just been introduced to API and was hooked after my first work out. I've been in and out of the gym since I was 18 though my recentactivities (pre API) have been belly dance for the last 2 years. I perform professionally and even compete in a Belly Dance Troupe. I'm currently a government contractor - can't get far away from my roots and love that everyday I can help to make a contribution to my brothers and sisters still serving. I would love the opportunity to represent Ranger Up! 

16-Erin - USMC

My name is erin white from jacksonville nc.. i heard about this contest you guys were doing and i am interested in being apart of it.  I am a full supporter of the marine corps ..i moved down here from New Jersey back in sept. of 07 when my (then husband) got back from iraq the second time.. i work at hooters and from my experience there ive made the 08 calender, billboards in virgina, florida, and missouri, ive appeared in menu items and table tents, as well as posters for bud and budlight.  Ive done bikini contest for hooters where i made 1st in store 2nd in regions making my way to the 08 international hooters pagent in Miami FL. On stage live is where i saluted for the marines and stated " proudly representing hooters of jacksonville NC home of camp lejuenes united states marine corps". Which i am VERY VERY proud of the marines and all military for what they have done for our country. I think and pray for them every night and donated signed calendars over seas.            

Behind the tan and highlights is a real laid back girl.. i never let anythin get to my head. I am still the same person inside.  My idea of a good time is a CAN of beer and a sweatshirt chillin with my friends :-) ... im real down to earth and i love my country thats why i think i would be a good candidate....Thanks !! 


      I’m the mother of a former Marine....(yes, I look young)...........so I'd love  to represent the US Marine Corps of course! I am also a fitness model, figure competitor, writer and star of a fitness video series on Bodybuilding.com. I have just been hired to be a co host for a local show and am looking to expand my horizons. I am a fight fan as well...I watch as often as my busy schedule allows working full time and (gym) training at night. I seriously feel you need strong women to represent a strong league and as my photos are current within a couple weeks, I have no problems representing strength and fitness...with some nice biceps! You can click on any of my website links below to see more photos and bios. Thanks for reading. 

18-Aubrey - USMC

I would be a perfect Ranger Up Girl because I am very patriotic and I have many friends in the military. I was in the Marines but unfortunately got discharged ... But I believe everything happens for a reason! I love charity events and raising awareness for causes I believe in. I love people, meeting them, talking with them, engaging them in conversations and just getting to know them. I would be the perfect Ranger Up Girl because I’m fun, outgoing, patriotic, reliable and motivated! 

19-Maggie - USMC

I want to be the next Ranger Up Girl because I am full of pride for the men and women who defend our constitutional rights and serve our country. I am the proud wife of a Marine Sergeant and know what it takes to support our troops, dedication! Speaking of dedication, I hold myself to high physical and mental standards and lead a well balanced, healthy lifestyle. I workout 5-6 times and run up to 40 miles a week in order to keep my body in mind-blowing shape. This may seem easy for some people, but what makes me stand out among other women is that I am able to balance a full time career, college courses, and a strict workout routine. What is the point of having a healthy body, if you don’t have a healthy mind? Well, I am proud to say that I definitely have both! I also have experience being in front of large crowds, and let me tell you I feel right at home. I have been told nothing is more attractive than a smart, beautiful, and confident woman. I look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to take my spot as the next Ranger Up Girl! Thank you for your time. 

20-Makhetsi - USMC

My name is Makhetsi and I would like to be the next Ranger Up girl because I feel it's important to support our military, regardless of your feelings about the war. It is important to support the brave men and women who chose to defend this country and who sacrifice so much. I feel like I would make a great Ranger Up Girl because apart from my looks, I am an intelligent, well-rounded individual who would do a fantastic job representing the fabulous men and women who serve this country and its freedoms! Not only is it important to look good, it's important to represent these people in a dignified way! They DESERVE an intelligent, beautiful, versatile, and awesome woman to represent them!! I am a Dean's List Psychology student at George Mason University and a big goal of mine is to counsel returning soldiers after I obtain my graduate degree. Furthermore, I'd most like to be affiliated with the Marine Corps.Thank you so much for this opportunity! 

21-Alex - No Service

I would love to be considered for the Ranger Up Girls Contest because I'm not only beautiful on the outside, but most importantly, I'm even more gorgeous on the inside. I have a wonderful welcoming smile that no one can resist. I'm currently studying to be an elementary school teacher so I can give back to my community by making sure our kids are well educated. I believe everyone can make a difference if they tried because this is America, where dreams come true. I'm also a great representation of how diverse our nation is being a mixture of races (Hispanic, Caucasian and Asian). I am bi-lingual Spanish and I also know sign language! I also enjoy working out and spending time with my family. 

22-Mercedes - No Service

I'm very interested in being the next Ranger Up Girl because I embody the American Spirit. I am fun, beautiful and very laid-back and easy to get along with. As a model, I always answer my fanmails from our troops over seasons personally. I send them autographed photos to show my support. I'm open to any service to be affiliated with. Please pick me!!! 

23-Kelly - No Service

I would like to be considered for your upcoming Ranger Up Girls Contest. I consider myself a very legitimately cool gal and think I would be perfect for what you are looking for. I would love to be affiliated with any service, so "you pick". I believe I am a true American sweetheart who can look like the girl next door or a supermodel! I love the troops and feel so thankful that we have the amazing men and women that we do that work so hard everyday for me and for our country. God bless everyone in the armed forces, may you all stay safe and return to us soon. And please, vote for this American hottie to appear on your special website!

24-Selena - No Service

It would be a great honor to be chosen as the next Ranger Up Girl.  I am 110% confident that I define what a true American woman is and should be.  Country First is not just a campaign slogan to me, in fact it is a philosophy in which I live. I am extremely grateful to live in a country where the sky is the limit and I am granted the freedom to pursue my utmost dreams.  With this said, I give my appreciation and gratitude to the most courageous human beings in the world, the United States Military.  These men and women willingly sacrifice their lives in battling for our freedom. Words CANNOT and will NEVER express how grateful I am for these brilliant human beings!   It upsets me everyday to see selfish, spoiled Americans taking our rights and freedom for granted. To conclude, I would LOVE to express my thanks to the U.S. Military in any possible way I can, and being crowned Miss Ranger Up Girl would be an excellent way to prove that I am proud of my country! 

25-Cori - No Service

Why should I be the next Ranger Up Girl? I’ve spent all my life around the military; almost every member of my family has served at some point in their life; Navy, Army, Marines, you name it. Living next to Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base in college meant that Ive been able to count military guys as friends for years. I am partial to the Marines since my two cousins are Marines, with another that might be joining within the year. My uncle who is ex-Marine and ex-NY Cop has now been training to go back overseas as a contractor with the Marines. So its in my blood. And Ranger Up isnt one of these lame ass companies selling things to military guys just because military guys like cool t-shirts and hot girls (though, I mean, theres nothing wrong with that!). You guys are actually giving back to the troops, supporting the people that are fighting for our freedom overseas, as well as those who are fighting here at home every day to keep us safe. Freedom is supposed to be a right for all people, but its a right that we enjoy only because you all are out there bleeding for it, and the people in this country need to really understand and appreciate this more. I would love to be a part of raising awareness in any way possible; its long past time for people to step up and be truly proud of our country and support those that keep us all safe.I also am a HUGE fan of MMA and love to watch the fights on TV. I mean come on, who wouldn’t love to watch two well trained fighters kick (and punch, and elbow, and rear naked choke) the living hell out of each other? Rhetorical Question! I have only been to one fight in person but would love to represent Ranger Up at these events.All in all I think I would be a great representative for such a great Company and such an awesome website. I think you guys are doing great things and would love to be a part of it!