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USMC Sergeant Ryan Weemer Acquitted

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Many, many of you are sending me this story that Ryan Weemer has been acquired of murder.  Sergeant Nazario was acquited last year.  Two more Marines are still under charges for murder.

Tony Perry of the LA Times writes this blog posting:

Marine acquitted in slaying of Iraqi prisoner

10:12 AM | April 9, 2009

Marine Sgt. Ryan Weemer was acquitted today of all charges linked to the killing of an Iraqi prisoner during a 2004 battle in Fallouja.

At Camp Pendleton, the jury of eight officers deliberated for seven hours over two days before announcing its decision. Weemer's sister, mother and attorney broke down in tears when the verdict was read. Weemer stood straight, but his eyes began tearing.

Weemer, 26, was charged with killing a prisoner on the first day of the U.S. assault on insurgent strongholds. His squad, like many others, had been ordered to "clear" houses of insurgents, many of whom were barricaded and heavily armed...

Read the whole report here.  Tony Perry does good unbiased work.

We'll be following the other two trials and I'll have more about it in the coming weeks.