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Update on the 2009 Milblog Conference

Haven't had much time to post at the conference.

A small group of military bloggers went to the White House on Friday morning to meet with General Jones (National Security Adviser) and NSC staff.  The discussion was off the record (sorry). It was a good discussion.

Then we went to the Pentagon and met with PAO types from all branches.  The Army is leading the way in new media and DOD is also doing some very interesting things.

We viewed At War by Scott Kesterson that will get a much better review later.  It was one of the best movies about war that I've seen.  Everyone needs to see this movie.  Everyone. (and I want to get one of the LTs in the movie on the staff at the WH - they need guys like LT L.).  At War is very worth your time to see.

We had charity run, parties to attend, toasts to make and lots of activity.

Finally had the chance to meet Nick and the guys from Ranger Up.  I'm pretty sure that they are going to take over the world...soon (buy shotgun shells and canned goods).  We are going to be at the Best Ranger Competition with them May 8-10.

And we hung out with some wounded paratroopers from the heroic 173rd on Saturday night.  These guys were the best is I've seen of our military.  You all would be better just for knowing them.  Good men.

I'm trying to process it all.

One last thing...in the next few days we'll be making some announcements about some massive initiatives that we are undertaking.

B5, out.