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Update on military voters in NY 20 District

Hans von Spakovsky at NRO has this info about the number of military voters in NY 20 who got disenfranchised by the two Democrats on the Election Board.

Yesterday was the deadline for the receipt of completed absentee ballots from military voters—ballots that had been mailed out too late by local election officials.  The Election Board has posted a chart showing that 998 absentee ballots were sent to military voters, yet only 205 were returned in time to be counted.

As he rightly notes if they were taking votes away from minorities or another protected class there would be outrage all over the media and the chattering classes. But they are only screwing our troops on the battlefield and heck most of them vote Republican. What a disgrace.

The names, named.

Co-Chair Douglas A. Kellner / Co-Chair Evelyn J. Aquila
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