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Trying to kill Heroes - Our State Department

I know a lot of great State Department Officers.  And just like the Army or other military outfits, there are some that just make you wonder how they keep their jobs.

"The only reason I am here today is because of Jasim," said Elisabeth Keene, a U.S. Army specialist who serves in a combat unit. "He saved the life of everyone in my unit.

The State Department has made a decision to make an Iraqi translator, Jasim, wait another three years for a visa.  One of the reasons that the denial was issued was that, Jasim, as part of the Kurdish Peshmerga, infiltrated Uday Hussein's organization to steal data and then stole Uday's car to escape.  He was captured, tortured, and then released six years later when Saddam let all the prisoners go on the eve of the Invasion in 2003.

The theft of Uday's car is looked upon as criminal and not political.

"On several occasions while our guys were putting rounds down range, Jasim put himself in harm's way to pull the wounded out and treat them," Keene said. "Jasim is a hero to everyone he has ever met."

After the invasion, Jasim became a legendary translator, assisting above and beyond.

"I owe my life to Jasim ... hands down," said Master Sgt. Jason Krieger, who went on over 200 combat patrols with Jasim. "I consider him a brother, not only in arms, but in love as well."

For six years, Jasim has put his life on the line to help our troops.  His stepbrother paid the ultimate price for Jasim's heroism.

Jasim said his stepbrother, in fact, was captured in the fall of 2007 and was tortured to death in an effort to get to him. The U.S. Army officer who received and processed the report on the murder, Major Leslie Parks, told FOXNews.com that Jasim's stepbrother was tortured with an electric drill through his eyes.

So his application had letters of recommendation, awards and certifications from soldiers, and the DoD and DHS approval.

U.S. Army Captain Joseph Schwankhaus wrote about one day in particular when Jasim performed multiple heroic acts. "While establishing security positions around a patrol that was struck by an IED, [Jasim] singlehandedly removed a wounded soldier from a disabled vehicle and ensured that he was treated by the company medic. During this security cordon, another soldier was shot in the head by a sniper and a large fire fight ensued. [Jasim], while under direct enemy fire provided cover for the wounded soldier while medical personnel rendered life-saving first aid."

Schwankhaus stated emphatically, "His dedication to my soldiers and his total disregard for his own personal safety assisted in saving the life of a very good Non-Commissioned Officer."

So go read the whole piece by Joel Mowbray at FoxNews.  Then start sending emails to the State Department.

Here is the link to the contact email form.
The main switchboard phone number is here:  202-647-4000
The Press Office is (202) 647-2492
Contact Congress.

Be polite, be professional, be unwavering in letting them know they are going to be hearing a lot more about this bureaucratic issue that could easily be resolved.  Take some time this weekend to keep at it.  I will do so in between a birthday (son's) and the kick off of Little League.

If any of you have good ideas about how to proceed, email me or put them in the comments.  Put your emails or statements to State in the comments.

We need to bring this guy home.