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Harrier Fill Up

Three Reads

First off, you should go over to Ace of Spades and read this piece by Ace.  It is how the troops are perceived and why the media can manipulate us so easily.  It is the MUST READ of the day.

Next, Hot Air has this video from YouTube from Penn State about how to deal with disturbed veteran students.  Read the Hot Air write up for the explanation about the "worrisome vet".  It might have been appropriate for a discussion on PTSD but not on how to handle difficult students (because we are trouble!).

Last, one reason the left likes to disparage the elite or powerful is for not serving in the military.  While there are plenty of examples that there are serving sons and daughters of politicians and CEOs, one reason that there might not be as many of the "elites" serving is because of the discriminatory practices by many colleges and universities to deny ROTC a pressence on campus (they use President Clinton's "don't ask, don't tell" as the excuse).  Harvard is one of those universities.  Two Harvard seniors, who will be Marine Officers when they graduatein June, wrote a piece at the WSJ.

Harvard and the Marines
Why not give our officers the best education?

...The students of 1969 have become the faculty of 2009, and today students who wish to participate in ROTC are forced to train at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We are pawns in a political chess game. The issue is no longer Vietnam, but President Bill Clinton's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy that bars gays from openly serving in the military. Because of that policy, the university classifies ROTC as a discriminatory organization and has severed all remnants of support.

So Harvard today happily pays for future bankers to take accounting courses at MIT, but refuses to pay for aspiring military officers who take ROTC courses. Since 1994, anonymous donors have generously picked up the tab, providing hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for Harvard's ROTC students...

Go read their article here.