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The launch of SOG Media

LogoCapture  Some of you noticed that there is a new logo at the start of our videos these days. One of the announcements Matt hinted at last week is the formation of a media production company called SOG Media. This grew out of the original coverage we had been doing of events in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Philippines and other areas in the future. A trip to Iraq by JD Johannes, LTC Steve Russell and Brian Bennett led to three video pieces being sold to including an exclusive interview w/ Gen. Odierno and convinced us that we didn't have to simply fact check and correct the news, we could make it.

One on One w/ Gen. Odierno

So we formed SOG and are actively working to get our coverage on as many major media outlets as possible. It was a great feeling to be invited to 30 Rock and throw on my pretty clothes to pitch NBC on the concept as well as the other networks. We are getting excellent traction and since they have had to cut back staff and bureaus, having our folks do the leg work is very attractive to them.

We called it SOG (Special Observers Guild) because we are working with pros who have already earned their spurs by doing quality work. We are simply doing the admin, ops and sales work so they can do what they do best, which is march to the sound of gunfire. Our two featured videographers JD and Dave Tate both love to do that and they bring compelling and engaging pieces back for the rest of us. JD is currently packing for a trip to A-stan next month and we will all enjoy the fruits of his labors.

We have many irons in many fires and we should have more good news about making the news to come. If by chance any of you have contacts who can help with getting our content in front of major outlets please feel free to let me know.