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Royal Marine Sergeant Noel Connolly - Someone You Should Know

Mr Sparkle sends us this story about a Royal Marine who rugby tackles a suicide bomber on a motorcycle...

Royal Marine rugby tackles Taliban suicide bomber to save servicemen
A Royal Marine has told how he saved the lives of up to 30 of his fellow servicement by rugby tackling a Taliban suicide bomber.

By Ben Leach
Sgt Noel Connolly and his unit were occupying an abandoned school in Afghanistan's Kandahar province when they received warning of an impending attack.

The 41-year-old said: "I was near the school when I caught a fleeting glimpse of a motorbike. I told all my lads to expect a bomber. The motorcyclist looked lost.

"He turned the bike around up the track and came back. I grabbed two lads and went to intercept him. I had no idea if he was the bomber. The only way of finding out was to challenge him."...

Read the whole article at the Telegraph.

And this piece in the Manchester Evening News - "Don't Tell Mum" is priceless.  I think we can all empathize with Sergeant Connolly on that sentiment.

...Noel's worried sister Breda wrote after she heard about the exploits of the then unnamed soldier and asked if he had been involved.

In a letter from the frontline, Noel, 41, said: "Let's just say the sergeant concerned was Mancunian, about 5ft 7ins, with grey hair and supports Man City. You can do the maths, as the Yanks would say." Breda, who also lives in Fallowfield, said he told her to keep the news to herself...

More at the Beeb.

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