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My Advice to Marine PFC Who is fighting to wear his Uniform to High School Graduation

In case some of you have missed this story; here’s the background:

An El Paso Marine who wants to walk across the graduation stage in his dress blues sees his fight gain national attention.  

KFOX was first to tell you about Garrett McCarthy's battle in March, and Thursday Fox News Channel was in town to cover his story.

McCarthy finished school at Chapin High School in December and then went to boot camp.

So here’s my advice:

Put on your cap and gown and do exactly what you were told by your superiors.  The school board in this case is your duly authorized superiors and their order is not illegal, unethical or immoral.  This is a high school graduation not the Garret McCarthy media whore tour.  Now move out and draw fire stud before the 1SG puts a size 11 in your ass!

I realize that my advice will probably piss off some readers of this blog but when you take a minute and let the emotion pass, consider my thought process.

The school board president was interviewed by Fox News this afternoon.  He was on camera holding his Army uniform that he wore for 30 years.  Besides a chest full of ribbons, I immediately noticed the Ranger Tab and Combat Infantry Badge.

His point was made clear when he asked the interviewer, “What happens next year when someone graduates in December and prior to the spring ceremony graduates from clown college?”

I think you can see his “establish a precedent” concern.  Can you imagine the freak show that this could open the door to?  Religious orders, firemen, SCUBA Instructors, the Frigging Orkin Man….  Allowing this would open the door to allowing any uniform.

I don’t know how many OPORDs PFC McCarthy has seen (probably none at this point) but there is a sub-paragraph called “Uniform and Equipment Common to all”.  This is the paragraph where your superiors tell you exactly what you are going to wear down to socks and you will not be expected to question it.

Look son, I am very proud that you decided to join the Corps but this ceremony is not about you or the Marine Corps.

You are entering a whole new world where defying your superiors to be in the spot light can get you killed.  Besides that, you don’t want to show up in your first unit being famous; trust me, it won’t be fun.