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Marcus Lutrell's dog

Since the interwebs are all abuzz let's get this out front. Some collection of ass clowns shot Marcus Luttrell's dog last weekend and even worse it's a dog he got when he was recovering from the wounds he got in Afghanistan and was named for his 3 buddies who died there.

I watched it live on Beck and the biggest worry I had was that Marcus was going to say that he had actually shot the bastards and they would pan out and show that he was live from jail. He has more control than that though and simply chased them down in his truck and ran them into a road block. It was a heinous, despicable act and the weasels who did it will soon understand just how much they screwed themselves. I got calls from David Bellavia and then from Marcus' Dad Pops soon after. We all were saddened by the shittiness of it, but happy that Marcus didn't drop the hammer. Godspeed DASY.

UPDATE: Ms. Underestimated has the video