Contest: Best Milblog You've Never Heard Of
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Contest: Spouse Blogs

UPDATED/BUMPED:  We are getting a lot of good suggestions for military spouse blogs.  What we really need now are law enforcement/fire/rescue/other-first-responder spouse blogs.  Please continue to make suggestions on all.  Thanks. 

Spouse blogs are an important part of milblogging, for they too serve who but sit and wait -- and keep the homefires burning, the place from falling down, and so much more.  This is also true, in a somewhat different fashion, for the spouses of those in Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue, and other professions that serve and protect at home. 


This year at the Blog World and New Media Expo, we are looking to expand things a bit, and once again you can help.  We are looking for the best military spouse blogs people have not heard of, and we are also looking for the best spouse blog for a member of law enforcement, fire/rescue, or other that people have not heard of. 

So, we're having a contest.  In the comments to this post, list one or more spouse blogs that you feel are good and that people should know about.  People can use the reply to feature in the comments to say yay, nay, or other about the suggestions.  We will use your choices and comments to showcase some new or overlooked voices on a panel at Blog World and New Media Expo.  This contest is open to everyone; however, nominations can not include members of SpouseBuzz or that were nominated for major awards in the last two years.  Just as the major milblogs can't take part in the milblog contest, the major spouse blogs can't take part in this one.  


To make it more interesting for you, Jake Rademacher and the kind folks with Brothers at War have donated a signed poster to be given as a prize.  At the least it will have Jake's signature on it, and we are working to see if we can get as many of the people involved with the movie as possible to sign it.  No guarantees, the only thing promised for now is that someone will get a poster signed at least by Jake. 

When you make a suggestion of a blog, your name will go "into the hat" for a drawing to be held later.  If Chuck Z is willing, we may even do the drawing sometime during the Face of America bicycle ride (donate here). 

So, let us know who you think the best spouse blogs (military, LE, Fire/Rescue, other) we've never heard of are down in the comments.  Who knows, they could end up featured on the panel and you could win a  collectible poster.