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Between a 'raq and a Hard Place

As B5 has said in a previous posting, there are some exciting things coming up.  This is why you've not
heard from Mr Wolf in some time here.  I've been busy with the gang 'keeping house' on some things, and have hardly had time to comment let alone put up a decent post.  But, it will be WELL worth it.  We promise.

Seeing what is coming up in the news lately with our good friends at the ACLU, I had to put up something to better set expectations with what is REALLY likely to happen around the photos of Abu Ghuraib (A-G) being re-released.  What the idiots over there are doing is likely to be as bad as what the soldiers did at the infamous prison.  US soldiers WILL DIE over their actions in demanding 'more evidence'.


As some of you may recall, I was in initially involved in looking at the investigation surrounding A-G and
how the Army was going to try to deal with the release of the photos from England and her unit.  Having been called in by the JAG to review material, and come up with an approach on how to 'get in front' of the story, we reviewed everything they had in order to find photos that conveyed the seriousness of the matter without at least attempting to address Islamic sensitivities.  We knew going in that it was going to be a bombshell.

We realized from the outset that if we didn't try to take 'control' of the news cycle and how it was addressed, we'd forever be playing catch-up and have no chance of regaining ANY semblance of believability.

That bird has come home to roost.  It's hungry, and it's not leaving anytime soon.

The ACLU filed FOIA paperwork (Freedom of Information Act) in late 2003 after rumors began swirling of
potential abuses in Afghanistan and Iraq holding and containment areas (they were not 'prisons' per se, but places that people captured in kinetic operations were being held until such time as the Coalition could determine what to do with them).  Convinced that BushCheney were ordering their wholesale slaughter and torture, and that the CIA was blindly carrying out these orders, the ACLU inserted itself into the issue, if only to use it as a front to get more funding and influence.  After A-G was 'settled' in 2006, they again filed FOIA in order to see if they could gain access to any photos or material that was NOT released in the initial onslaught.  THIS upcoming re-release is what is going to re-set the Middle East on fire again.

There are photos from the A-G unit that have not been released.  NOT A SINGLE ONE of them will shed any new light on what the detainees went thru or what England and the gang did.  What it will do is re-ignite the sensitivities of Islamic fascists around the world and drum up new jihadists in search of an outlet.  Tickets and rides into Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan are going to become hot commodities.  (Get yours now!)

MOST of the material related to A-G not released is of the sick sexual practices of England and her
'bunkmates'.  They seemed to tape each other in every Kama Sutra event they could.  Beyond these, the only thing the ACLU could gain from this is to pressure the current administration to go after Bush
administration personnel.  And that's all they want to do.  More lawyering business for lawyers.

The administration, as well as DoD, is caught between their 'base' on the far, far, far left and inflaming a huge segment of the populations around the world (and that includes veterans and those in the military).  The President could easily step in, determine that releasing them would be detrimental to the war effort, and declare them 'Top Secret' and not releasable.  Unfortunately THAT would inflame the ACLU and their ilk like no other action.  But it would save lives in the long run. LOTS of lives.

Sources both inside and outside the administration tell me that they are NOT well prepared to deal with this issue at all.  Gen Petraeus is right in wanting to step out in front, as he's called for the release.  But
he's trying to do what WE called for back in early 2004; had we been able to convince the powers that be to do so, we'd be far better off.  I totally blame only one person- BG Kimmitt for convincing others not to
produce and put out the material. Why?  Given that now-VP Biden testified at Kimmitt's confirmation hearing to the State Department (Kimmitt was TOAST in getting his nomination thru before Biden stepped in; Kimmitt has 'issues' dealing with subordinates, and Kimmitt's family has long, deep ties to Biden's thru various law firms) and Kimmitt's likely Democratic ties, there may well be a case where he was holding back for later.

The new images that the ACLU seeks will only fuel the fire, as they are seeking whatever 'evidence' they can get of anything going on in other places.  I'm not convinced there are any pictures of it going on from
other areas.  If there are, they'll be quite old.  The best defense DoD has is to show the dates on any of
them and detail how things have changed drastically once the command structures became aware of them- because I'm CERTAIN they did as no one wanted ANOTHER A-G on their hands. 

Outside the puzzle palace, I'm told that commands are girding for any upswing in violence should additional images come out.  They completely understand what is likely to be the 2d and 3d order effects and are properly preparing.  Our troops are not stupid.  They'll be ready.

The administration gains nothing by letting the ACLU carry on with its antics.  Letting the lunatic fringe
force their hand on policy and previous administrations gains nothing.  Letting them get away with murdering troops thru actions like this does not, either.  'Leadership' sometimes means making decisions you are not happy with but are best in the long run.

Last week, I had a chance to listen to a speech at Ohio University by LTG Freakley, the Accesions
Command chief, who detailed how we in America have ''a serious leadership problem- in too many places strong leadership is sorely lacking, and too many so-called 'leaders' have no idea how to do so.''  His comments that night resonated loudly throughout the crowd.  And I agree with him 100%.

Mr Wolf