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Again, one of our number solicits your advice:

Dear AAI,

So, my parents called me the other morning on her way out of town to tell me of an unusual meeting she just had. A supposed soldier was walking down the road, gas tank in hand, looking for a ride. He was in full DCU's (Desert Uniform, circa 2004) with what my mom described as a "maroon beret." Being the patriotic Americans my parents are, they picked him up without a second thought. During the 15-20min ride, he described that he was from Boston (we're in TN), how he had just come home from Iraq, had went to see his girlfriend and get his car, only to find out she was 7mo pregnant from another guy. He was trying to get home to Boston, and his flight was going to be paid for, but he had to pay the "$63 Homeland Security Tax." Instantly, the red flags started to go off, and my parents dropped him off in the middle of town, where he continued to walk with his gas can and DCUs.

Red Flag: He was 45mi from the airport, the location of his supposed girlfriend was another 50 from the location he was currently at. Homeland Security Tax? Even if there is such a thing, how could that not be paid for when the plane ticket was? This upset my mother greatly, because she felt like she was taken advantage of by someone representing a group that she loves to death. Being a former NCO, I was naturally pissed and wanted blood, so went looking for the guy unsuccessfully.

So, my question is, what does one do with someone who impersonates a soldier for their own gain? What does one do with someone who impersonates a soldier for a possible violent act? Thanks.


Pissed in TN

Your advice in the comments below, please.


Uber Pig