USAF Staff Sergeant Zachary Rhyner - Someone You Should Know
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US Army Staff Sergeant Kinney - Someone You Should Know

Far From Perfect sends this story that will make you medics proud.  As our own Uber-Pig would say:


Medic honored for Afghanistan actions

Staff sgt. awarded Silver Star for saving patients, soldiers and medevac crew
By Michelle Tan - Staff writer
Posted : Sunday Mar 1, 2009 8:48:28 EST

When Staff Sgt. Matthew S. Kinney’s boots touched the ground in Afghanistan’s rugged Korengal Valley, he knew that six wounded soldiers were waiting for him.

Over the next 45 minutes to an hour, Kinney’s actions under fire to evacuate what eventually became eight wounded men would earn him a Silver Star, the nation’s third highest award for valor.

Kinney, 30, had already served twice in Iraq when he deployed for his first tour in Afghanistan with the 101st Combat Aviation Brigade, of Fort Campbell, Ky.

By the time he came home in January after 12 months in Afghanistan, Kinney had earned a Silver Star, a Distinguished Flying Cross from a separate engagement, and responded to the aftermath of the July 2008 battle in Wanat, Afghanistan, a bloody clash that claimed the lives of nine soldiers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team...

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