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Uncle J v. Lummox Murtha in Politico

IMG_0838 UPDATE: The story even made the print edition and with a pic of me rather than Murtha.

I think it is fairly well known that I have a less than stellar opinion of the Lummox Murtha. He has many faults including his foolish call to cut and run from Iraq and his idea that we could redeploy to Okinawa and still be effective in the region. But first and foremost was his shameful jaw-flapping about the incident in Haditha where he said our Marines had killed civilians in cold blood. He did this before an investigation was even finished and now that all but one of these Marines have been cleared he still refuses to apologize for his slanderous and ultimately incorrect statements. He wanted to use this incident to prove his cries that we had over-used our military and they were going crazy in repsonse. As it turned out he was wrong along with the others in the Cut & Run cabal Reid, Pelosi and let's not forget then junior Senator from Illinois Barack Obama. They all tried to stop the surge from happening and then denied it was working until the facts on the ground slapped them dead in the face and forced them to admit it had worked.

Now Murtha has been awarded the Distinguished Service Award from the Navy in a sad attempt to curry favor with the paymaster who can keep their budgets from being stimulated down. This led Marine officer and good dude Gabe Ledeen to start a petition asking this award be withdrawn unless the Lummox apologizes to the Marines he called cold-blooded killers. Sign if you haven't yet and join 35,000 others in protesting this outrage.

From the Politico piece (I met the reporter at the journalism seminar Laughing Wolf and I attended a while back).

But he’s sustaining incoming of a different sort from Uncle Jimbo, aka James Hanson, a former special forces soldier-turned-military blogger who has the Pennsylvania congressman in his cross hairs. Hanson is laying down a barrage of virtual shells, demanding Murtha’s ouster and demonstrating the furor veterans groups and their websites are capable of generating online.....

Murtha’s spokesman, Matthew Mazonkey, said he wouldn’t engage the blogger.

“I’m not going to go into a tit for tat with someone that goes by the screen name ‘Uncle Jimbo,’” Mazonkey said.

I can't blame him there although a guy named Mazonkey ought not be throwing too many stones. I think I had a verbal joust with this gentleman at the hotel in Johnstown where I stayed during last year's election.

It is his willingness to engage opponents — and a talent for hurling insults — that won him a loyal following and helped him make writing a full-time, paying job. Most of the visitors to Blackfive seem to share his ideological bent, so lately Hanson’s gone elsewhere looking for trouble — such as last weekend, when he wound up videoblogging at an anti-war protest on the National Mall.

TSO has another post up at This Ain't Hell about Adam Kokesh and the way his followers foolishly call us chickenhawks and otherwise beclown themselves. All in all it's fun to be in Politico and the voice of the loyal opposition will only get louder in days to come.