"The guys that died there were my friends."
Winter Sports Clinic

Uncle J heading to the Stan

Ok those of you who know me are well aware of my ex-wife collection and the effect that has had on my traveling ability. Well I got some excellent news yesterday and a trip I have been trying to do for a while is going to happen. I have wanted to get back out in the field and eat some dust and sleep on the ground for a while. You all know I love that.

I will be going to Afghanistan along with my buddy Kev and my old unit. It just got approved by DoD and since their mission changed from Iraq to Afghanistan we had to wait until that could be announced as well. It will be a three month embed and we will be working on a combination of infantry COIN and some UAV ops. Kev has been training on a new UAV system that is the first weaponized platform deployed at the Brigade level and we will be producing  a lot of content about this. It took a tremendous amount of work to get this approved and it should be pretty amazing. I think you will all enjoy it.

I almost didn't play but today is 1 April and I only deploy where there is room service. I guess hatin' on me is legal.